The Monsters of Dare to Dream

We have all encountered the Monsters in the darkness. Seen that flitting shape out of the corner of our eye and the looming shadow that seems to creep across the room. Heard the eerie and unexplained noises that mark their passage in the midnight hours. Felt them watching, listening, waiting for that moment just as you fall asleep when you are most vulnerable.

The Monsters in Dare to Dream are the servants of The Darkness and act as its primary weapon against The Dreamers and their Guardians. A Monster that defeats a Guardian in combat goes on to wake that Guardian's Dreamer (and also score The Darkness player a point). Each Monster is specialized in its angle of attack; using either Shadow, Noise, or Dread as its weapon.

The blue Shadow Monsters tend to grow stronger and gain new abilities as the hours of the night get later. Yellow Noise Monsters startle The Dreamers, forcing them to either discard cards or face a more powerful foe. Dread Monsters feed on the fear of the Dreamers and become stronger as either the Dreamers run short on resources or when The Darkness has amassed many resources of its own. (We will talk more about the main resource in the game, Sand, next time).

A few Monsters are hybrids, drawing on multiple of these spheres for their angle of attack. This gives them powerful and unique angles of attack, but also makes them more vulnerable to powerful Guardians. When facing a hybrid Monster, The Dreamers get to choose which aspect their Guardians fight that Monster in.

Where The Dreamers care greatly for their Guardians; outfitting them with powerful Items, shielding them with potent Wards, consoling them in defeat, and preparing them to fight again; The Darkness shows little care for his Monsters. Their numbers are endless, making Monsters disposable, tossed away whether they succeed at their task or not.

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