The Guardians of Dare to Dream

Hey everybody!

Today we are going to look at the Guardians of Dare to Dream, who act as both The Dreamers avatars and their primary defense against The Darkness!

At the start of each game of Dare to Dream, the Dreamers will get a pool of Guardians to choose from. Each Guardian has its own array of stats and many have a unique special ability. Lets take a look at a few to see what I am talking about.


As you can see, each Guardian has 3 stats; the blue Shadow Strength, the Yellow Noise Strength, and the Red Dread Strength. These scores tell us how good a particular Guardian is at dealing with each of the types of Monsters. For example, a Guardian would use their blue Shadow Strength when facing a blue Shadow Monster. (We'll have more about Monsters next time!)

A score of 4 represents a Guardian who is strong against that type of Monster and can often defeat them unaided. Scores of 2 or 3 are more average and represent a Guardian that may need some help from an Item or Action to defeat most Monsters, and a 0 or 1 means this Guardian will likely be defeated by even the weakest Monster of that type without significant help.

Guardians are more than just their stats though! While a few Guardians have focused on just their raw statistics, most have developed special abilities to help defeat The Darkness. Many Guardian Abilities can effect the Guardians of any Dreamer (like Theodore's ability above) making them great team players. Other Guardians, such as Bluebark, can have their abilities activated by any Dreamer, letting a teammate help out Bluebark's controller in a pinch. A few other Guardians, like Blankat there, have unique passive abilities that let them bend the rules of the game.

So there is a quick look at the Guardians in Dare to Dream! Join us next time when we will take a look at Monsters and get an idea of what combat between the two sides looks like!