Dare to Dream

Hey everybody!

With our first game, Exquisite Beast, about to start shipping out we thought it was time to start talking about our next Kickstarter project: Dare to Dream!

Dare to Dream started off as some idle musings on the drive in to work one gray morning, which turned in to some images Sean just had to sketch to get them out of his head. A few discussions and a handful more sketches later we had the core concept and look together.

Things that go bump in the night...

...and the Guardians that defend against them while we sleep!

Dare to Dream is an asymmetrical game of monsters and night terrors opposed by dreamers just trying to sleep peacefully through the night. One player acts as The Darkness, in charge of the monsters and nightmares, while the other one to three players work together as the Dreamers. The Dreamers are protected by their Guardians and Wards.

Jiro, on the right, prepares to face down a particularly toothy monster!

At the start of the night The Dreamers set out their defenses, preparing their Guardians and Wards to face the horrors of The Darkness. Once they have prepared as well as they can, they tuck in for the night and go to sleep. Once asleep, the hours of the night begin to tick by and The Darkness goes to work. Every hour new Monsters and Nightmares can be brought in to play by The Darkness and sent at the Dreamers, but once a Monster or Nightmare has been used it is gone forever while the Dreamers' Guardians persist.

The Dreamers' goal is to win by outlasting The Darkness; if The Darkness cannot wake them over the course of the night they succeed. But if The Darkness can wake them enough times, The Darkness wins instantly!

Be sure to check back as we'll be posting up new articles about Dare to Dream over the next couple of weeks! Next time we will be talking some more about the Guardians; with articles about Monsters, the Resource System, and more still to come!