One Week Post-Kickstarter!

Hey everybody, brief update on how things have been going here at Turtle Dream Games since the Kickstarter closed!

We did hit one slight hurdle in our Kickstarter; it seems that a significant number of our American backers had their pledges flagged as suspicious by their banks and held :( We are working with Kickstarter to try and figure out why this happened and prevent it in the future. It apparently wasn't a problem for the creators of other Irish Kickstarter projects that we've spoken to, so unfortunately we are still in the dark here as to what exactly happened. In any case, thank you so much to the backers who went through the hassle of both contacting your banks to let the payments through and of contacting us to let us know something was amiss! We really would have been in the dark over here if you hadn't taken the time to get in touch.

Otherwise, work here consists primarily of me hassling Sean to finish up the backer reward art. I had hoped for some sketches to show off today, but according to Sean I needed to “ask him earlier” so he could “show it to the individual backer first” like “you promised we would in that email that you wrote, Ethan.” So next week we will have some pretty pictures!

Plan for the foreseeable future is a regular weekly update on a Monday from us here on the Turtle Dream Games blog, plus occasional smaller bits of news on our Facebook and Twitter, and extra Exquisite Beast sketches plus concept art for our other games over on our Instagram!

See ya next Monday!