B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Beast Completed!

The winner of the last leg (er, arm) of the Build Your Own Beast competition has been selected! By nearly unanimous vote it is the Ranger Cannon! Now that the final part has been selected and stitched on lets have a look at what you guys made! 

Thats a solid looking Beast! Lets tally up your stats for a quick run down of what your Beast can accomplish. 

Totalling up the blue claw numbers, we get a very respectable Strength of 7 for your Beast. This is how many Attack Dice you'll roll in a fight and should be more than enough to take capture the first few Town Centre locations, defeat the Mob if it hasn't powered up too much, or on a lucky roll take down an opposing Beast in one swing.

After adding up the hearts, we find that your Beast has 10 Durability (how much damage it can take before losing a limb and retreating to your castle). This is average to maybe a little low. Its enough to survive one round of fighting with an average Beast or Mob as long as your opponent's dice aren't too hot. It isn't surprsising that this is a little low, as you guys consistently picked options which focused on things other than Durability over the course of the competition!

Prioritizing things like Speed! If we add up all the lightning bolt numbers, we find you have a Speed of 6, and sometimes a Speed of 7 from the special Ability of your Corpse Fly Wing. This is some serious ability to get up and go! You can reach about half of the board with your Beast at any given time assuming nothing is in your way, making it very easy to either get in on a weakened opponent to finish them off, or to run away from Beasts that you don't have the ability to go toe to toe with.

Finally, if we add up the purple skulls, we find that your Beast has a Terror of 4. This is a solid score, enough to keep the Angry Mob cowering in fear for the early game at least, and paired with the Bearbunny Foot's ability to force opponents to reroll dice offers some protection in stand up fights against less terrifying Beasts. While I don't think Terror was anyone's real priority, the selection of limbs with a good balance of stats during a couple of rounds of the competition has given you a decent score in this stat anyway.

So overall what did we build? A very fast Beast with respectable hitting power, moderate toughness, a little fear, and a couple cool special abilities. Great for harassing the Mob, ambushing weakened Beasts, capturing Town Centre locations, running off to chomp on minions, and just generally being a pest. This is a great combo if you like playing a bit dangerously, and is also very good for stealing the win in the late game by swooping in to steal big point targets from tougher but slower Beasts!

Now that it is built, time for me to pass this over to Sean to do up the full stitched together art! I've seen the concept sketches and they are awesome (and pretty scary)! 

Speaking of the art, I believe this was some sort of competition to win an art print of the Beast we just built. We just held the draw and our lucky winner was Bill McGrath! Congratulations Bill!