B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Beast Part 5

Votes from Part 4 have been tallied up and it was a strong win for the Corpse Fly Wing! Here is our Beast so far. Its really coming together; if you can use hose words to describe this weird, mismatched aesthetic!

Nearly there, time to stick on the last leg! Check out the two parts below, let us know the one you like the look or feel of better and we'll stitch it on Friday! We'll be taking votes via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! Casting a vote also puts you in the draw for a free art print of whatever creation we end up with!

On the left, we've got the Titan Crab Legs! The Titan Crab relies primarily on its terrifying size and speed (when turned sideways at any rate) to catch its prey. Its bulk is a bit decieving though, its legs are actually quite fragile if its prey turns to fight! It makes a good choice for those would rule through fear rather than direct confrontation.

On the right, the mechanical Proto Leg! The Proto Robot relies on the electrcity generator in its core to ward off would be assailants with the threat of high voltage shocks. The legs are therfore somewhat secondary to this purpose, providing a solid balance of speed and protection in order to keep the core intact and in motion. The Proto Leg is a good choice for a Mad Scientist looking for a balanced leg option, providing a good mix of speed and durability.

With our penultimate selection on the block, we invite you to also start sending in suggstions for the name of this Beast we have crafted together!