B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Beast Part 4

We've tallied up the votes from Part 3 and it was a close win for the Bearbunny Leg! Here is our Beast, starting to take shape:

That's lookin pretty good, but it's time to stick an arm on there to really give our Beast some hitting power! As usual, check out the two parts below, let us know the one you like the look or feel of better and we'll stitch it on Wednesday. We'll be taking votes via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! Casting a vote also puts you in the draw for a free art print of whatever creation we end up with!

On the left we have a talon from the merciless Sea Siren. While her siren call may be the Beast's most famous feature, known for luring sailors to an early grave, her vicious talons are what do the final bloody work when she is on the hunt. In addition to the efficacy of the claws on the offensive, the strange fins and inhuman proportions of the arm are particularly intimidating, making this limb a good choice for a Scientist hoping to harness the power of fear.

On the right we have the wing, and a couple of attendant smaller arms, from the Corpse Fly. While this bloated, oversized fly may seem lethargic much of the time, it is actually capable of surprising bursts of speed when necessary to ambush unwary prey. The sharp chitinous spurs on the smaller legs also provide some limited offensive capability. It makes a solid choice for those looking for a balanced limb that also provides extra mobility; perfect for swooping in on already weakened prey.

And that is what we've got on offer today! Let us know which you prefer and we'll have it all stitched up Wednesday!