B.Y.O.B Build Your Own Beast Part 3

So votes from Part 2 are in and it was a clear victory for team RoboWendigo! Here is a look at our community built Beast thus far:

Alright, we've got a head and a torso on there, lets give this guy some mobility by stitching on a leg! As usual, check out the two parts below, let us know the one you like the look or feel of better and we'll stitch it on Monday. We'll be taking votes via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram


On the left we have the right leg of the mystical Bearbunny. A strange creature, the Bearbunny is a clearly unnatural creation; famed for its swiftness and ability to warp fate. The right foot, in paticular, is known to bring misfortune on those who would do the bearer of the foot harm. The Bearbunny leg makes a good choice for a Beast builder-looking for speed and who is willing to take chances.

On the right we have the leg of the horrifying Giant Carrion Crow. As the name implies, this huge undead bird feasts on the bodies of the recently passed. The creature is also known to create those bodies for itself though, often leaving its unfortunate victims to ripen for a day or three before feasting. As the Carrion Crow gets around on wings, its legs are not particularly swift, but they are strong and fitted with sharp talons.

So get your votes in now and we'll see what gets added on Monday!