B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Beast Part 6

Welcome to the Final Round of Build Your Own Beast!  Before we show you the last two pieces, lets take a look at our nearly completed Beast!

That is a look only a Mad Scientist could love. Also, seems the communities goals so far have been speed and terror!

This round is your last chance for entry in to our art print draw! Let us know which of the two parts on offer today does the best job of rounding out our Beast and we will enter you in to the draw! We'll be taking votes via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram until Sunday at noon GMT. Monday we will reveal our completed Beast and the winner of our prize draw! 

As per usual, starting from the left. The Zombie arm has all of the traits common to that undead creature: it is not fast, nor particularly strong, but it is terrifying in its relentlessness and can take impressive punishment as it feels no pain. Not the best choice for hunting down speedy opponents, but its stamina allows it to perform quite well in slugging matches.

Coming at things from the other end of the spectrum is the Ranger Cannon. The Ranger robot is built around powering this potent lightning cannon, indeed it is one of the most destructive limb options available. However, its high tech components make it very fragile. The Ranger Cannon performs best when it downs it's target in a single blast; any drawn out fight is likely to result in the limb breaking or being torn free.

We are also still looking for names for this creation, and thanks again for taking your time to help us build a new Beast!