B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Beast Day 2

Wow guys, tight race in Part 1 of the BYOB competition! It was decided by only a single vote, but the winner was... Wendigo! Here is our Beast so far, although hes not much of a threat at the moment...

So now that our Beast has got a Head we'll need to pick out a Torso to attach it to. As before, take a gander at the bits on offer below and leave a vote either on our Facebook, tweet us your prefered option @TurtleDreamLTD #ExquisiteBeast #BYOBeast, or leave a comment on our Instagram. Now, lets see whats on the slab today!

On the left, we have the massive Gravedigger Worm's Torso. 10 metres of burrowing nightmare, the Gravedigger Worm is nothing like your common or garden variety worm, in that it has limbs, jaws, teeth, and a thickly armored outer skin. Still, it has no eyes and digs through the ground, so the nomenclaturally uninspired Peasants have christened it a Worm.

On the right, we have the torso from Prof Robonovich's (note: not a real professor) most pyrrhic creation: the Orion. The Orion's steel and steam core provides the great strength exhibited by all the robots, but it also includes another unique feature. Namely, the shoulder sockets are optimized for the quick attaching and detaching of limbs to facilitate the use of the Orion's primary weapon: detachable rocket fists!

Now its up to you! Check this space Saturday to see how the polls went and how our Beast is coming together!