B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Beast Day 1

Quick rundown on the rules! Every other day we are going to post up the art for two beast parts of the same type, like today we're gonna give you two heads to choose from, and then open it open to you guys to vote for your favorite via Facebook comment, Tweet (@TurtleDreamLTD #ExquisiteBeast #BYOBeast), or a comment on our Instagram. We'll tally the votes up the following night around midnight GMT. We'll then update the graphic as our Beast grows Hangman style based on your choices.

At the end of the contest we'll draw up a large sized illustration of the Beastie stitched together in all its glory. We will also be selecting a voter at random to get a special signed art print of the final Beast shipped out to them!

We'll be building from the top down, more or less, so we're starting off with the heads!

On the left we've got the head of one of the many terrors of the deep: the Angler! While a normal sized angler fish preys on fish lured in by its curious light, the Monstrous Angler is known to also prey upon curious and unwary fishermen.

On the right, the head of the ever-terrifying Wendigo. A near-legendary creature of the deep woods, the Wendigo may have the skull and hooved feet of a deer, but eats only flesh. 

So let us know which bit is your favourite and we'll start stitching this beast together! (Stats will appear as the cards get stitched on to the Beast; we've chosen to omit them during the selection process as we want this to be more about about looks and style rather than stats optimization.)