We Made It!

Our first Kickstarter campaign just wrapped up today and we successfully raised over €18,000 to get Exquisite Beast printed and shipped out! We would like to extend a special thanks to each and every one of our backers for their support! You generous folks provided more than twice what we asked for and we cannot express just how much we appreciate that show of interest and enthusiasm for our game. 

With the campaign over, we are going to switch our focus over to finishing off the art for the backer reward tiers and checking over the proof copies produced by the manufacturer. We'll also be transitioning to work on future projects as Exquisite Beast shifts further from art and design tasks and towards shipping and customer support. We are also exploring options to continue taking pre-orders for Exquisite Beast until we actually place our final order with the manufacturer, so watch this space for updates on that if you missed the Kickstarter or think you might want to pick up an extra copy!

If you want to keep an eye on us, watch this space and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you want to get in touch, we are alway happy to talk on any of those platforms or via email at info@turtledreamgames.com.

For now though, we are going to have a quick celebration here before I chain Sean back to his desk.